The most recent addition to the team but it feels like he’s been here forever. (What’s his name? Oh yeah!) Gianluca is a sworn ecologist who manages to get us all moving – bicycles only, please – thanks to his irresistible charm, versatility and rare sensitivity and many other qualities that we can’t think of just now. But they’re all good!
The only one who doesn’t speak ‘pretend’ Chinese because he knows the real McCoy is our area manager for Asian customers, and he takes them the complete InKside freshness, as well as a bag of Tortellini when the occasion demands.
He has impeccable taste in recognising the perfect graphic design and won’t leave you alone – with a few beeeeps here and there – until it is just how he wants it to be. Nothing new for true salesmen worldwide.
We love him so much we vex him with practical jokes that nobody falls for except him – and they really make him jump. tricking him is the easiest and funniest thing in the world.
Distinguishing features: Boo!