If Mana were a plant, he would be one of those hundred-year-old willow trees, with a wise face, always giving everyone good advice. Or perhaps the talking stone in the Fantaghirò series, who really was wise.
And we couldn’t say anything other than good things about him, because he is, amongst other things, one of the founding partners of InkSide, so – queue the violins () – his Excellency is truly great at what he does, he has huge experience in graphics, he is composed but great fun, pragmatic, fair and transmits feelings of security and calm.
His priority is maintaining a measured peaceful climate in the office and he manages every situation the best possible way, particularly the hottest company problems, like regulating the fan speed in the air con units to keep everyone happy.
Passionate about Manga and Japanese anime, he is always objective and reflexive, except when the topic of conversation is soccer, then he transforms from a Buddhist monk into a Juventus hooligan.
Distinguishing features: as vital as morning coffee