Matteo is a young veteran of InKside. He says he loves his job, except on Monday morning when it’s best to keep your distance: he is a photographer, a graphic artist, odd-job man; he is the binding force of the team, his voice is always the one in the background (he never ever ever EVER stops talking!), the heart and soul of the office and probably something else on top of all that.
He never backs away from anything and does everything with great passion and energy, including perfecting his singing skills which he frequently delights us with, or his arguments played out in a complicated relationship with grammatical twists of the tongue that we really miss as soon as he leaves his desk. He reckons he is an old-fashioned mountain lad but no one really believes him except when he brings us a bottle of homemade wine from his own vineyard (truly exquisite) then we really adore him! ?

Distinguishing features: A living oxymoron