Sport, politics, general knowledge, quantum physics, 2nd century BC Armenian literature, Nicolò never slacks and knows everything about everything, literally everything. He has an academic specialisation in musical hits, with a focus on the ’90s and we wouldn’t get through if he weren’t here because he whistles them all day long in the office.
Anyway, coming back to us. Nicolò isn’t perfect: he is a salesman through and through – he spoils his customers, he makes them feel comfortable, he deals with them with professionalism, always finding them something innovative that responds to their needs. U.N.P.R.E.C.E.D.E.N.T.E.D.
He has recently become a dad but has been preparing to be one for at least 10 years because he is a young man with a mature centre – as well as loving grey cars like elderly people (perhaps he also drives with a hat?) is always playing pranks and jokes in the office (like only the over-60s do).
Lately he hasn’t been sleeping much which is resulting in worrying mood swings; he is a friend first and a colleague second so he’s great just the way he is. (emoji cuore)
Distinguishing features: Inquisitv