Precise, reserved, well-mannered, sharply sarcastic, a graphic artist of rare talent , Oscar has an unmistakeable, catching laugh that you’d hear in a crowd of 100 thousand. Iconic laugh aside, like a true modern Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, he goes from a classic British style to a true macho from Fast & Furious, like a Dominic Toretto from Emilia, with shades and a swagger. All this just to go shopping – only ever to the same supermarket.
He boasts about listening to ‘real’ music, the kind that only ‘real’ music lovers with ‘real’ taste listen to like Queen and De Andrè, not that post-’90s stuff that young people listen to these days that wasn’t around ”in my day’. Oscar has an old-fashioned way about him that we think came straight from 1985 with Marty McFly’s DeLorean, but we’ll never be absolutely certain.
Distinguishing features: a real Emilian Dandy