Francesco Totti (but decidedly more classy) in the office, Clark Kent at home, our Paola is practically a superhero wherever she goes. During the day, a light pen is all she needs to make a chip shot through the design goal posts; in the evening she gets everything done with just her own two hands, and we are certain that when we can’t see her it’s because she’s slipped into a telephone box to hide her little blue outfit.
We’re not sure how she does it, but she carries on for 8 hours on a cracker, half a bread stick and a couple of coffees. She might put lots of sugar in them, though. Who knows!
Anyway, apart from her varied diet and typical Mediterranean style she holds the unbeaten record for time in InKside and she is a true guarantee because when we get stuck in a texture the resounding phrase is always ‘tell Paula about it, she’ll get it right with just straw’.
Her silence and kindness exude chaos and presumption – typical traits of an undercover superhero – but we fine with that because we superlike her!
Distinguishing features: The Super One