Brooomm Brooomm, ding dong, hupppphhhh… Sandro’s career could have been noise-maker and imitator but he put it to one side to be one of InKside’s founding partners. We believe, however, that this hidden passion has not been completely put to bed. Might that be because of the sounds that echo around his office daily or his fantastic parodies of sketches he hears on Radio Stella? Truly ‘xxxxxceptional!!
Sandro is multifaceted, brilliant fun, biting, wise, an expert in most things; he is the Hattori Hanzo of the light pen, and in the mornings he light-sabers with a Coca-Cola – that’s how only Sandro starts the day – a mixture of geniality and recklessness.
He has a natural talent for travelling Europe and finding the most beautiful and unusual stone and marble. When he can’t find them he makes them himself, from nothing, in six days, then on the seventh day he rests, just like in the scriptures.
InKside could not do without Sandro, but perhaps it could manage without some of his jokes (cough, cough).
Distinguishing features: Inimitable!