She’s been around for ten years and thank goodness!
Stefania chose the baby clothes for the newborn InKside, whe sang lullabies and watched it take its first steps. Now she continues to watch it grow (hoping adolescence goes smoothly!)
A real gentle touch for Italian clients, she also takes patient and dedicated care of the hot-blooded Spaniards, with a soft voice that make her sound as if she is on speaker phone even when she isn’t. She manages the purchasing office with the confidence of a shopping-addict, and she is a gift from heaven when she helps with organising fairs and events, maybe because she is walking trip advisor who knows every restaurant, their menus and average customer rating?
She always says “I really love my job and when working is like being with family it is doubly gratifying”, but we know it all just a serenade (emoji che ride)
Distinguishing features: We can’t do without her!