From 2011 to today we have simply been a close-knit team of graphic designers who try to transform passion into work, and vice versa.

We venture across Italy, from the fascinating marble quarries in Tuscany, to the streets of Rome in search of precious travertine. We explore the Alps to discover hidden quartzites, cross borders into France and Belgium in search of unique stones, and sometimes find ourselves in the picturesque English countryside.


We travel around the world to enrich our warehouse, the true custodian of the treasures we find. Here every stone, every material, every shade and every grain are witnesses of our adventures, which we remember when we display them in our modern showroom.


After each trip, once we return to our laboratory, we immerse ourselves in the magic of transformation. We manipulate, mix, saturate and reinvent our collected treasures. In other words, we try to emulate the work of Nature by adding our own interpretation.


Our life is dotted with continuous searches for inspiration. The ideas arise from travel, concerts, sunsets, bar signs or works of art displayed in various exhibitions.


Everything that makes our heart beat becomes our source of inspiration, fueling the desire to create something new and to put a piece of ourselves in everything we do every day.


We are proud to announce that InKside has achieved ISO 9001 certification. This prestigious certification demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers. ISO 9001 certification is an international standard for quality management systems that ensures consistent and reliable products and services. Our company has been independently audited and verified to meet rigorous quality control standards in all of our operations.


This result brings many advantages to our customers, in particular:

Improving efficiency through the constant development of high-quality products and services.
Increased effectiveness of our operations, resulting in improved delivery times and reduced costs.
Greater credibility, as ISO 9001 certification is recognized and respected globally.

We believe this certification will help us better serve our customers and ensure product success.

We apply our point of view to design to share it with you.

Our knowledge of materials such as wood, stone and marble allows us to create new solutions to furnish every space with art and quality. The latest trends are studied, explored and developed with originality in our laboratories, thanks to our tireless curiosity, the Italian taste that distinguishes us and our travels in search of new materials.

Our showroom is constantly enriched with exclusive, hand-made works and projects, created by our research department, combined with suggestions of different colors and materials. Approximately 400 m2 where we work together every day, with a specialized design department for every aspect of our work. A space designed to welcome, invent and admire. Designed as a contemporary museum where spaces, views and ideas intersect and interpenetrate without ever losing their uniqueness.